I kissed Poppy goodbye on her soft warm forhead and watched her leave wrapped in her Daddy's arms, blanket in tow. I started to say wait, but stopped myself. They left me alone in the pre-op room. I said a silent prayer for the next few minutes until Riley came back in with no Poppy. Now it was time to wait. 

They said 3-4 hours. It turned into 6 hours before we saw her again. I'll never forget sitting in her room and watching her crib and additional equipment  be rolled in with her tiny little human body laying at the head. She had a large bandage wrapped around her head that covered mainly the right side of her head. 

She was turned to see Riley and I and she gave us a tiny wave hello. 

Recovery in the hospital was fast. By the next morning, Poppy was READY to leave. She was unphased by the bandage, but despised her IV with a passion. We walked around the floor pushing various toys and cars, careful to avoid smashing the IV or leaving the IV cart in harms way of Poppy's eager hands. 

We headed back to our room to pack up. We walked into our room and found a fleece blanket sitting in Poppy's crib. The nurse explained someone had left it for us outside the door. My eyes filled with tears as Poppy eagerly grabbed the soft blanket and began cuddling it. I showed her the various animals on the blanket and pulled myself together. 

We really didn't need that blanket. Poppy has plenty of blankets. We were only there for 1 day. But it was so much more than just a blanket. It was the idea that someone, took the time out of their day to make sure than my child was happy and loved. I wanted to be reminded that even though this was hard, we were not alone. We had people cheering us on, people we didn't even know.

Now it is my turn to do this same thing for another family. But, I need your help. Here's what you can: when you buy a blanket here at Lil Royal Boutique, I will send a blanket to Seattle Childrens Hospital for someone who needs a little extra love. I'm calling it the Baby Loves Project. Flannel blankets are on the top of Seattle Children's list of items in need. If you'd like to make an additional donation for supplies for this project, please feel free to contact me. We can help minimize that need one blanket at a time. 

Lots of Love, xo