Unicorn Baby

Red hair and blue eyes is one of the rarest genetic combinations in the world. My daughter not only has red hair and blue eyes, but she also has profound hearing loss in both ears. Making her one of the most unique human beings. We call her our unicorn baby.

When she was three months old she got her first pair of hearing aids. I had been looking for accessories to help the hearing aids stay in place on her head. There are special clips and bands made specifically for the purpose of keeping hearing aids on babies, but I wasn’t impressed.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make headbands that could keep the hearing aids in place and still be cute. She now wears one of these headbands everyday, whether she has her hearing aids in or not.

They are special to me. They make this unique challenge a little less overwhelming. And I wanted them to be special for others too. So I created Lil Royal Boutique. Having these headbands has helped me find a way to celebrate my own daughters individuality and character. It is my goal to see that other little girls can celebrate their own unique qualities and find the unicorn within themselves.

xo Seila

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